Monthly archive for November 2015

Why Did Meridian Cross the Road?

Our Maple Ridge Meridian Meats & Seafood Location (also home to our head office) will soon be moving to a bigger and better building just a couple of blocks away, with better parking, and more retail space.  The spacious 6500 square foot ground floor will be home to a new Meridian Farm Market – offering customers our full assortment of fresh meats & seafood along with deli, fresh produce, baked goods and natural foods. The second story will accommodate our head office as well as some office space for rent.

Our New Website Kicks Butt

Rome wasn’t built in a day and our new Meridian website wasn’t either.  Honestly, we have no idea how long it took to build the ancient City of Rome, but we’re pretty sure our website was created in a lot less time…  however it still took months of work by our Marketing Team.  Kaylesha Penner, Marketing Manager extraordinaire, created the content and admin’d back end functions while Mark Lewis (Captain Lew), our genius graphic designer, developed and created the imagery, and overall look and feel of the site. The end result is the latest and greatest of fresh modern web design, with a clean fresh look and the kind of streamlined user friendly experience we want for our customers.  And, of course, the site’s been optimized for mobile devises of all kinds.  (Fact:  Over 50% of our site traffic comes from mobile devices.)

Get ‘Appy!

With holiday entertaining right around the corner, we have a wide variety of ready to cook appetizers!