Why Did Meridian Cross The Road

Our Maple Ridge Meridian Farm Market is Mooooving right along, but a tad behind schedule.

Wow… is it really November already?!!

From the onset of our plans to build a new Meridian Farm Market location in Maple Ridge, we had scheduled construction to be complete in Fall of this year – September..mmm…, October..mmm,… November-ish ?!?  However, as often is the case with new construction, the project has fallen behind schedule due some unforeseen delays and a few surprise setbacks.  Still – we’ve made some progress, and there is promise that the store will be open next year!  “When” you ask??  …We’re a little afraid to answer that question,…  but current progress indicates that our opening day will happen sometime during the month of March (Only 5 months late – yikes!)

The structure is complete, the roof is now near completion, and the store front installation will follow soon after.  Then we can finally get started on all the fun construction stuff on the inside.  We’ll continue posting updates as progress continues.

Many people have been asking questions about our new building.  Here’s some answers to the some of the enquiries…

“How many floors are there? –the building seems so tall!”

There are just 2 floors.  The City of Maple Ridge required that we design and build a structure that reached 3-story height, to comply with the downtown official community plan and design guidelines.

“Is that a chimney? Smoke-House? Or an Elevator??”

If you answered Elevator, you’re right!!  We wanted our building to be fully accessible to everyone.

“What’s going in on the top floor?”

The second floor will accommodate our Meridian head office, and we are leasing 2400 square feet of professional office space.  (Interested in leasing space in our new building?  Please Contact Us!)

“How big will the new store be?”

The new Farm Market will occupy the entire ground floor (minus elevator lobby) which is approximately 6500 square feet.

“Will this location have better parking and accessibility?”

Our new property will have 38 customer parking spaces, and accessibility from Dewdney Trunk Road, 227th Street.  There will be also be a cross-access driveway between our property and the neighbouring commercial property to the East (Speedy Auto Glass and other shops & services) providing further accessibility.

“When will you be hiring for the new store?”

We have already begun hiring for key management positions for the new store.  We will be holding a hiring fair early next year. Date(s) to be determined – Please stand by for announcements!

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Jenna says:

I want to apply. I didn’t know I would have to wait for march. So when willl u be talking application?

Meridian Meats says:

Hi Jenna,

You can apply online at https://meridianfarmmarket.ca/careers/apply/

Thank you for your interest in joining the Meridian Team!

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