Quick BBQ Tips

  1. Barbecuing can be an intimidating task, especially if you are grilling for a larger number of people, or if you’re grilling a piece of meat or vegetable you’ve never ‘cued before.


    Follow these 6 super simple BBQ tips to help you master the grill!


    TIP #1 – Grease Your Grates. ✨

    Once your grill is clean, make sure you oil it before cooking. This helps to keep food from sticking, and makes it easier to clean up later.

    TIP #2 – Have Everything Nearby. 🍴

    Have everything you’re going to need close at hand before you start cooking. That chicken breast might burn while you run to the kitchen to find those tongs, so keep your plates and utensils nearby.

    TIP #3 – Keep it Hot. 

    Preheat your grill, otherwise food will stick. When your gas or charcoal grill is ready to cook on, you will be able to hold your hand five inches above the grate for two seconds if the fire is “hot” and three to four seconds if the fire is “medium-hot.”

    TIP #4 – Avoid Flare-Ups. 🔥

    Move meats away from flare-ups to avoid burning. Use baking soda to control a grease fires, not water.

    TIP #5 – Leave an Unheated Space on the Grill 🆒

    Leave a small space unheated so that you have somewhere to move food if you have a flare-up or if something is cooking too fast.

    TIP #6 – Keep the Lid Up for Veggies 🥦 🍅

    Keeping the lid down traps moist heat and smoke, which makes vegetables lose their crunch and take on a soot flavour. For veggies, only bbq with the lid-down for large, whole vegetables that benefit from a little steam, such as potatoes.

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