Built for the BBQ: Our New Chef’s Cut Ribeye Steak

For Steak Lovers

If you're like many of us here at Meridian, you love steak. The flavour makes your mouth water, the marbling is so inviting that you can't wait to get it on the grill, but sometimes you just want something with a little more thickness—plain and simple, you want more meat. If this inclination sounds familiar, we've got you covered and then some.

So Much More Than Just a Big Piece of Meat

Chef's Cut

Ribeye Steak

  • 12oz each
  • Hand-tied by our butchers
  • Includes a large part of the cap
  • Superb marbling
  • Guaranteed tender
Chefs cut ribeye image
100% grass fed beef image

Pasture Makes Perfect

There's been talk of grass-fed beef for years now, and it always come back to one thing—it's simply better beef.

We source the vast majority of our 100% grass-fed beef from New Zealand which has a strong history of raising its livestock on natural pasture diets. The country also boasts an ideal climate for raising grass-fed cattle making product available year-round. While local grass-fed farms are growing throughout North America, they face continued challenges of harsh winters and limited seasons with rich pastures for the animals.

For over 30 years, Meridian has relied on offering high-quality products to our communities, and we're confident that once you try one of our 100% grass-fed steaks, you'll taste the difference.

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