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Shrimply the best!

For several weekends in 2020 we'll be offering delectable, hard-to-find seafood specials guaranteed to satisfy the fish gourmand in all of us.

The promotion is Fridays to Sundays, so be sure to check our weekly specials for the latest "catch" because it's something different every weekend. Supplies are limited; once it's gone, it's gone.

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So Much More Than a Fine Kettle of Fish

  • Fresh steelhead
  • Icelandic haddock
  • Air-flown Nova Scotia mussels
  • Air-flown sea bass from Greece
  • Ling cod
  • Spring Salmon
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Cooking Tips

  1. Less is more—a dash of lemon and a bit of salt can go a long way; for many people it comes down to a personal preference.
  2. Cook until the flesh just turns opaque and flakes easily.
  3. Use low-medium heat for a crispier skin.
  4. If you're adding vegetables for a single-pan recipe, choose ones that cook quickly. Sorry beets.
  5. Store any leftovers within two hours of cooking.
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