Craft Smokies

Relish Today,

Ketchup Tomorrow

naturally smoked

gluten free

bursting with flavour

The New Meridian Craft Smokie

We admit it: when it comes to meat we're all about 100% grass-fed steaks, fresh chicken and pork, local salmon, bacon and breakfast sausages, Ocean Wise seafood, and several other specialty items that grace our meat-cases throughout the year. But with summer grilling season upon us, and those late BC summer nights in full swing, we felt it was time to roll out something exceptional for your next BBQ get-together—a Canadian classic crafted to a Meridian standard.
These new craft smokies are more than just your everyday smokies. Ours are naturally smoked with no added smoke flavouring needed. The traditionally curing process guarantees an intense crunch with every bite followed by a succulent inside bursting with delicious seasoning and lip-smacking juiciness.


no GMOs, gluten-free—just straight-up Canadian smokie goodness.
Craft smokies
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