Mucho Grass-ias Flavour and Tenderness


From May 30th – June 5th 2018 only.

(80g pack, regular $7.99 each)

Long gone are the days when Beef Jerky was a late night, convenience store, impulse snack ­– and its contents being the least of your concerns so long as it was salty.  Thanks to a new wave of more sophisticated snackers, modern day cave-people and seekers of high-protein, Beef Jerky has emerged as one of the ultimate and more sought after snack foods.

Now here enters Meridian Meats with our latest and greatest new product.  Our Homemade Grass-Fed Beef Jerky.  Ya, we know… took us long enough.

Here’s the story of our Beefy journey…

Step #1 – Taste Test Marathon

Last year we conducted a taste test marathon, sinking our teeth into every beef jerky we could find on the market; testing it for overall flavour, tenderness & chew.  We weren’t all that impressed with the results we found, and decided it was high time to take control of our own jerky destiny – we needed our own Meridian Beef Jerky.

Step #2 – Beef up the Recipe

Once we decided on making our own Beef Jerky, the decisions were easy.  This wasn’t going to be your run of the mill beef jerky.  It was going to be made with our own Free Range, 100% Grass-Fed Beef.  The general flavour would be smoky and simple so you can taste that bold, beefy, natural grass-fed taste.

We also ensured we only used clean ingredients: sea salt, white pepper, a hint of garlic, a blend of spices (recipe on lock-down) and some good ‘ol natural hardwood smoke. And the consistency would be juuuusssst the right balance of texture, the right thickness, and tenderness that gives you some chew, but not that unpleasant, stringy shred we’ve encountered with some jerkies out there.

Step #3 – Chomping (Grazing?) to Perfection

Once we knew what we wanted, we set out plans to make it all happen.  Back to another taste testing marathon, but this time our chompers were chewing our own test batches of jerky.  It took a few tries, and in the end – mission accomplished!  We’re pleased to be the proud providers of the best Free Range Grass-Fed Beef Jerky ever. (Yes – we are very biased).

We invite you to try it for yourself and put our Beef Jerky to the test!  To entice you, we’re featuring a special offer.

At the very least, stop in and try a sample. (it’s how we get you hooked!)

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