Marinating Magic

The secret to our meat marinating process

Our marinated meats and seafood are becoming more and more popular, saving time and preparation in the kitchen when you get home!  We feature a wide assortment of beef, pork, chicken or seafood marinated in a variety of house recipes.  From our Caribbean Lime Chicken Breasts to our Maple Bourbon Salmon Fillets, we have flavoured marinade options that appeal to any pallet.

Customers often will ask how we get the flavour of our marinates to penetrate right through our meats and not just coat the surface?  Most are in disbelief when we tell them that we generally only marinade our meats for about 15 minutes – Crazy!

The secret lies in our process…

Our Marinating Process

Our flavour infused meats are marinated in a process we call tumbling.  The process is actually very simple!

Step #1  We Prepare Our Marinade Recipe

We whisk together all the recipe ingredients for our flavour infusion.  We then combine the marinade with the meat we want to infuse the marinade into.

Step #2  Magic At Our Marination Station

Our Marination Station is what we call the machines we use to help create our marinated meat magic.  We put the meat/marinade combination into a sealed stainless steel barrel, which is vacuum pressurized to specific PSI level.  This step is critical.  Pressurizing the barrel chamber opens up the actual cell structure of the meat cuts, allowing the marinade to penetrate evenly throughout the meat.  Compare this to a sponge – the meat literally soaks up the sauce!

The barrel is then turned on it’s side and put on a machine that spins the barrel and its contents.  Inside the spinning barrel, the marinade infuses and permeates into the meat while in motion.  The barrel continues to spin for a set period of time, determined by the type and cut of meat we are marinating.  (Usually only 15 minutes!!)

Step #3  Release The Pressure, But Not the Flavour!

Once the marinade has been soaked up by the meat, it’s time to open up the barrel by releasing the pressure from the chamber.  An amazing thing happens in this step that makes our marinated meats exceptional.  The marinade remains infused in the protein cells of the meat and stays sealed inside as the air pressure is released.  the result – a juicier, more tender, flavour enhanced cut of meat!

Now you know our secret.  Don’t tell!  :)

Some of Our Marinade Recipes Include…

Caribbean Lime

Tropical combination of fruit juices and spices reminiscent of the West Indies

Sweet Thai Chili

A great combination of sweet and savoury. Sweet Thai is a mild mix of chili pepper and garlic

Mediterranean Chicken Breasts

Infused with garlic, lemon and Mediterranean herbs & seasonings


Reminiscent of the traditional Portuguese hot sauce. Peri-peri is full flavour with a hint of heat

Rosemary Garlic

Simple, yet delicious. Rich and zesty flavors of lemon, garlic and rosemary

Pineapple Curry

Sweet curry favour with a hint of spice

Honey and Garlic

Sweet honey and garlickly finish


Thick Japanese style sauce. It’s savory and sweet


Greek Seasonings with flavours olive oil, lemon juice and oregano

Maple Bourbon

A sweet maple BBQ with a hint of bourbon

Spicy Wild West

Smokey and spicy BBQ Sauce



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Ronda says:

The salmon with the maple bourbon marinade was excellent! Can you tell me the ingredients in the marinade? Is there any soy sauce, coffee or artificial colour in it? I have allergies and I’m trying to narrow down what has caused my reaction. Thank you!