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Our Blueberries

Grown privately for Meridian in Langley, BC

Blueberries are free from pesticides

Available in 2-lb to 20-lb sizes

Packed with antioxidants and vitamin C

Out-of-this-world flavour

Exclusively for Meridian, exclusively for our customers

Our local blueberries are truly one-of-a-kind being sourced from an exceptional farm in Langley, BC. RJT Blueberry Park Inc was founded in 2009 and boasts an 80-acre property including a 40-acre blueberry field, as well as a processing facility for a number of products in RJT's lineup.
This tranquil location provides fertile soil, rich terrain, and ideal sunlight for growing conditions in the spring and summer seasons. Situated over the Hopington aquifer, the plants can draw from a natural and coveted water source for premium blueberry cultivation.
RJT is certified through the Canada Good Agriculture Practice program (CanadaGAP) and is Non-GMO Project verified. Read more about RJT Blueberry Park Inc.

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