Positively Absolutely Warba-licious

BC's New Nugget Potato

As a unique springtime treasure, the warba potato deserves some extra attention. Known for its creamy texture, rich earthy flavour, and pint-sized appeal, these little fellas are a must-try for anyone in the mood for some seasonal goodness. But to truly appreciate the warba, it's important to understand what makes it so noteworthy.

The vast majority of potatoes are harvested at maturity and then stored for 10-14 days as a curing process. This creates a stronger peel and lowers the amount of moisture in the potato—in short, it helps stave off early spoilage. That's where the warba is different.

These nugget potatoes are harvested and sold fresh, often arriving in-store the same day. The result is a delicate skin, more moisture, and ultimately a one-of-a-kind potato delight.

Since 1920, four generations of the Heppell family have tilled the fields and produced crops of potato, squash, and pumpkin. What started as a 40-acre vegetable and dairy farm, run by Lester Heppell, has transformed into an industry leader with over 700 acres for potatos, 120 acres for squash, and the production facility for a local favourite snack, Hardbite Handcrafted-Style Chips.

Today, the Heppells Potato Corporation uses GPS mapping, self-driving tractors, and real-time data analysis for a cutting-edge farming operation. The award-winning farm is a leader in business management, technology, and provides a shining example of the viability of nurturing a local agricultural land base in the Lower Mainland.

Available from late May until early July

Try this:

Steam the potato until tender.

Toss in melted butter and your choice of herbs.

Sprinkle with salt.



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