What's The Best Steak For The BBQ?

The best steak for the BBQ is really a matter of preference. But personally, I recommend Rib Eye Steak.

A Rib Eye steak is cut from the Prime Rib and has the perfect combination of flavour (due to fat marbling) and tenderness. Other great steaks for grilling, by order of tenderness, are Tenderloin, T-Bone, New York Striploin, and Top Sirloin.

Noteworthy: all of these steak cuts (except T-Bone) are available in 100% Grass Fed, Free Range Beef options at our stores.

beef tenderloin fillet


By far the most tender, though some argue that it can lack flavour, which is true.  This cut can be very lean and fat = flavour.

t-bone steak


Maybe the best of both worlds…. tenderloin on one side of the bone and N.Y. striploin on the other.  Because of this, the bone keeps the meat extra juicy and flavourful.

Rib Eye steak


Again, my personal favourite and the steak we recommend most at our stores.  The perfect combination of flavour and tenderness.  There is fat in the steak and some people do not find this appealing. If you or your guests find this offensive, this may not be the steak for you.  The sizing is consistent (we sell 8-9 oz steaks) in our stores.

new york striploin steak


Our best selling steak by far!  This cut’s combination of tenderness, flavour and leanness makes it very popular.  The sizing is consistent as well (we sell 7-8 oz steaks) making them ideal for entertaining.


top sirloin steak bbq


TOP sirloin GOOD.  Sirloin Tip BAD!!  Many confuse the 2 cuts – don’t make that mistake!  Top sirloin is the one you want.  It is very tender and has a very ‘beefy’ robust flavour.  It is my Dad’s (Meridian founder, Darrell Penner) favourite cut of beef.

Sirloin tip on the other hand is cut from the hip and is more suited for roasting slow as a roast, not a steak.  If you do want to try grilling sirloin tip, marinade it well!  Even then, the results I find disappointing. We do not sell this cut out of our counters at our stores. It just doesn’t perform well.


The important thing to look for when buying steaks to BBQ is to make sure they are cut from the loin or rib section. Steaks cut from the hip or ’round’ may look bright red and lean, but they are tough when grilled.

Happy grilling,

Josh Penner, CEO Meridian Meats & Meridian Farm Market

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V.W. (Vivian warren) says:

Hi Josh,( I presume it is Josh)

Very helpful , and I agree totally with your analysis of the characteristics of each cut of steaks.We have had ribeye steaks from your store many times. The average cost for the 3 of us is $28. It is inexpensive compared to eating out!
They are super!
We continue to shop at Meridian meats for the quality and customer service,.Lorraine & Kevin are our favourites.

Meridian Meats says:

Hi Vivian,

Thank you for all your support. So glad you are still enjoying the ribeyes! We will make sure to get the message to Lorraine and Kevin. Have a wonderful day!

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