Community Updates

February 23rd

Tsawwassen Location Temporarily Closed for Sanitation

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COVID-19 Case at Meridian Farm Market Tsawwassen Location

Dear Customers,

Update: Meridian Farm Market Tsawwassen has been professionally cleaned and sanitized and is re-open.

We have been informed that one of our staff working at Meridian Farm Market (Tsawwassen location) has been confirmed to have COVID-19. To protect our staff and community, we’ve taken the following actions:

  • We’ve contacted Service BC and Fraser Health authorities to receive direction. We are following their protocol and will continue to comply with any direction they provide.
  • It’s been determined that personal protective equipment measures were maintained and any person who is at risk of exposure has been contacted by health authorities.
  • Out of an abundance of caution, we have closed the store to protect the safety of our staff and customers and have arranged to have the store professionally cleaned and sanitized this evening (Feb 23rd)

Our employees are exceptionally caring individuals, and we are grateful for their ongoing efforts to serve our communities and provide essential goods during this pandemic. We will continue to support them with an additional $2/hour recognition pay as well as full compensation quarantine pay for any who are showing symptoms and/or are required to self-isolate. We want to ensure our employees’ confidentiality while remaining transparent, keeping everyone in the community informed about any confirmed cases.

As a local family business, we thank you for your support and kindness amidst the challenges we are all facing. We are filled with gratitude for your patience as we take precautions to keep our stores and communities safe, and appreciate the careful safeguards and provisions practiced by you and so many others in our neighbourhoods. We really are in this together.

With heartfelt thanks,

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Josh Penner

September 14th

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Quarantine Pay

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COVID-19 Safety Plan Updated & Quarantine Pay Confirmed

Meridian's COVID-19 Safety Plan includes protocols for reducing risk including PPE and training, as well as quarantine pay, exposure reaction plans, store sanitization and re-opening procedures...

Meridian's COVID-19 Safety Plan was updated by company owners, executives, and store managers with involvement of front-line workers and advisement from store joint health and safety committees, Work Safe BC, and the BC Health Authorities.

Among the updates, the following stood out (condensed):

Self Assessment
Staff are to complete a personal risk assessment daily before coming into work. Staff can use the BCCDC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help identify if they are at risk. Any staff who start to feel ill at work must report to their manager, even with mild symptoms, and sick staff must go straight home to isolate and call 8-1-1 for further guidance.

Cleaning, Hygiene, PPE, Training & Communication
The COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines procedures, training and communication for the health and safety of all staff and customers.

Quarantine Pay
As a benefit for the health and well-being of Meridian staff, full compensation will continue to be offered to those who develop a confirmed case of COVID-19 or those mandated to self-quarantine. Inquire to learn more...

Confirmed Case Reaction Plans
The COVID-19 Safety Plan also outlines in detail the steps required to react to confirmed cases swiftly and safely, under the guidance of the BCCDC Health Authority.

Store Re-Opening
In the event that the store must close due to COVID-19, the following steps will be taken before re-opening: Store to be professionally cleaned and sanitized, and re-opening plan to follow Health Authorities complete risk assessment and direction.

Contact Us
If any of the above information affects you or someone you care about, and if you'd like to learn more about Meridian & Ralph's COVID-19 Safety Plan, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

September 14th

PoCo Location Temporarily Closed for Sanitization

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Port Coquitlam Meridian Meats & Seafood Temporarily Closed for Sanitization

The decision was made as a precautionary measure for the health & safety of all staff & customers...

We currently have no confirmed cases of COVID-19. However, one of our staff has been exposed to the virus. We've made the decision to close for sanitization as a precautionary measure. We will reopen as soon as we can confirm it is safe to do so.

Meridian Meats & Seafood, Port Coquitlam, will remain closed for sanitization September 14th.

June 2nd

Farm Fresh Fundraisers Are Back

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Fundraising Returns

To Our Valued Fundraiser Participants

As of June 2 we're happy to announce that fundraisers are back. We recognize that certain fundraisers will not be able to take place until social-distancing recommendations have been lifted which is why Meridian remains committed to fulfilling any fundraisers outstanding. We guarantee 30% of all proceeds back to all of our fundraiser partners.

We sincerely thank-you for choosing Meridian for your fundraiser. If your organization is currently participating in a fundraiser and you require clarification or special accommodation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

May 13, 2020

We Want to Help Improve Your Meridian Shopping Experience

Customer in storeWe Want to Help Improve Your Shopping Experience at Meridian

We're working hard to improve your Meridian shopping experience. Here are a few helpful tips to make shopping at Meridian better for everyone.

  • Our quietest shopping days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • The quietest times are before 11am and after 6pm.
  • Please shop with a list—you will be quicker in-store and you won't forget important items.
  • Shop alone if possible—we are limiting the number of customers and staff in-store, so this helps the line move faster.

We are working hard to keep our stores stocked and clean. We appreciate all of our customers and we are grateful for everyone's patience and support.

Updated April 30th

Fresh Food Supply Concerns

Meridian Farm Market Maple Ridge Meat Department

Fresh Food Supply Concerns

We're doing our very best to keep shelves stocked with fresh food, and we're committed to keeping you up-to-date here...

100% Grass-Fed Beef
  • Supply is normal, and no changes are expected.
  • Our 100% grass-fed and finished beef is sourced from the grassy pastures of New Zealand.

Read more about Meridian's Bountiful Beef...

Free Run Chicken
  • Supply is normal, but may be subject to change.
  • Due to current challenges, our free run chicken is currently sourced from trusted farms across BC and Canada.
Fresh Pork
  • Supply is limited, and shortages and/or price increases of some products may occur.
  • Due to current challenges, our fresh pork is currently sourced from trusted farms across BC, Canada and overseas.
Sustainable Seafood
  • Supply is normal, and no changes are expected.
  • Our sustainable seafood is sourced from a variety of sustainable fisheries in BC, Canada and overseas.

Read more about Meridian's Catch of the Day...

Fresh, Farm Direct Produce
  • Supply is normal, but may be subject to change for certain products.
  • Our fresh, farm direct produce is sourced from local farms and is delivered daily with the harvests.

Read more about Meridian's Local Greenhouse Veggies Rolling In..

Food Health & Safety
  • The BC Center for Disease control has made it clear that there are no health or safety concerns eating meats that have been cooked to normal cooking temperatures.

Read more at BC CDC | Food Safety During COVID-19...

Supply levels may vary by location, and although we're doing our very best to keep shelves fully stocked, we cannot guarantee supply.

April 16th

Positive Feedback & Safety Updates

Staff letter april 16 2020

Positive Customer Feedback & Safety Updates

In a Company Update on April 16th, Josh Penner shares positive customer feedback and safety updates with staff

Hello everyone!


You are making a very positive difference in people’s lives. Every day customers continue to share their gratitude for the service you are providing our communities during this health crisis. They praise your careful actions and measures to keep them safe, as well as your professionalism, and your warm positive spirit in the midst of the pandemic.

Here are just a few of the recent comments customers have shared with us:

“Despite all the changes, your staff are still smiling and friendly!  I haven’t been to your store in over 3 weeks as we’ve been self isolating, so when I arrived and walked inside, I was beyond impressed!  You guys are doing an amazing job!”

“Just wanted to let you know that your staff at your locations are awesome, and very friendly especially during this crazy time.Your stores are alwaysvery well organized and stocked.Keep up the great work!”

“This is the CLEANEST AND BEST STORE EVERand my very fav store to shop in!!”

“I was there first thing this morningand could grab everything I needed in a safe and friendlyatmosphere.  Your staff are alwaysthe nicest and most accommodating,all products are first class quality and the baskets are even wiped down after every use!I just wanted to say thank you from a dedicated customer”

Messages like these warm my heart. YOU CARE, and our customers can feel it. Nothing in business makes me feel more proud than our united commitment to treating people exceptionally well, in our warm hospitable Meridian way.


Please continue to follow the protocols set out by our health authorities and, among all mandated measures, maintain safe social & physical distancing, both at work and in public. The safety measures British Columbians are taking are helping decline the spread of the virus but it’s clear we must stay the course. Thank you for the level of personal responsibility you have taken as essential service providers. Our customers, co-workers, our families and communities continue to count on us.

As an ongoing request - if you have any concerns, questions or recommendations for how we can improve our safe practices and measures in our stores, please continue to share your ideas by informing your manager or sending messages through [...].

Thank you for all your hard work and commitment to serve our customers and each other.


Hand signature

Josh Penner

March 21st

Safe Shopping Measures

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Safe Shopping Measures

An Important Update on Continuing Health & Safety Measures In-Store

We at Meridian have been working tirelessly to make our markets a safe and healthy environment for you to shop for your family’s needs. We have been navigating an ever changing situation and implementing safety measures for both our staff and customers.

We thank you for your patience, kindness and support in this situation, we have been overwhelmed by the kindness and love that we have felt from our communities. Everyone has truly come together.

Here are some of the measures we are taking to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible:

  • We are limiting the number of staff and customers in our stores to allow room for social distancing.
  • We are working to provide visual markers throughout our stores to help promote safe distances between people. Please be mindful of everyone’s personal space while in public spaces
  • We are asking our customers to pay with card, preferably tap
  • We are providing gloves at the door for our shoppers and ask you please try to only touch what you will be purchasing
  • We are installing plexiglass at our tils to provide a barrier between cashiers and public, you will see this at all stores in the coming days
  • We are asking you not to bring in reusable bags, our plastic bags will be free of charge
  • We are temporarily not taking any bottle deposit returns
  • We have full time cleaning staff at every store working all day keeping high traffic areas, and high touch areas clean and sanitized
  • Along with the health and safety measures at store level we are financially supporting any staff member who needs time off for health reasons, for the duration of this health situation
  • We are also providing additional pay to all of our staff during this health emergency - we are so proud of the way our team has come together
  • We are committed to the health and safety of our staff and customers and will continue to implement changes as necessary and keep you informed as we do.

Thank-you again for the outpouring of support, it has not gone unnoticed and we feel honoured to continue to provide our communities with healthy food during this challenging time



Amanda Penner
Social Director

March 21st

Recognition Pay

Staff letter march 21 2020

Wage Increases for all Meridian Employees

In a Company Update on March 21st, Josh Penner announces retroactive Recognition Pay for all Meridian employees.

"These are some crazy historically challenging times, and your effort and commitment to serving our communities has been valiant. You truly care about people and it’s proven every day in your actions. What we are doing is important work – the government classifies us as an essential service. Our customers are counting on us for their food and we continue to be there for them, thanks to you. There’s been an outpouring of support and appreciation from our communities for the job you’ve been doing.

In recognition to you stepping up and serving the heightened needs of our communities, everyone will receive retroactive additional pay of $2 per hour for every hour worked, effective March 16, 2020. (...)

Quarantine Pay

We are committed to providing you full compensation should you develop a confirmed case of the COVID-19 virus or are mandated to self-quarantine due to household or close contact exposure for the duration of the required 14-day quarantine period. In this case, please contact your store manager to inform them of your situation so this arrangement can be made for you. (...)

Thank you for all you are doing. As one of you put it so well, “All your hard work has been inspiring” and it’s making a difference.

Take good care of yourselves and each other."



Hand signature

Josh Penner

March 20th

Farm Fresh Fundraiser

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Fundraising Postponed

To Our Valued Fundraiser Participants

Due to current challenges with COVID-19, we’re recommending all Farm Fresh Fundraisers and fulfillments be postponed until social distancing recommendations are lifted. Meridian is committed to fulfilling fundraisers as soon as it’s safe to do so, and we guarantee 30% of all proceeds back for any fundraisers outstanding.

We sincerely thank-you for choosing Meridian for your fundraiser. If your organization is currently participating in a fundraiser and you require clarification or special accommodation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

March 18th

Maple Ridge News

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Meridian Meats in Maple Ridge opens its doors to those who feel most at risk for COVID-19

For one hour three days a week, those who feel most at risk can shop without throngs of people

COLLEEN FLANAGAN / Mar. 18, 2020  / 6:00 a.m. / LOCAL NEWS / NEWS

Seniors and those with compromised immune systems will be able to do in-store shopping at one local grocery store, minus the throngs of people seen elsewhere.

Meridian Meats will be open solely for those two groups during their first hour of business from Tuesday to Thursday, as the COVID-19 crisis continues.

There were 28 people who took advantage of the shopping time on Tuesday, the first day the time was open to them. Those who couldn’t get in right away waited patiently in their cars.

Josh Penner, owner of the grocery chain, can’t believe the positive response he has received since he put out the word.

“It was made abundantly clear to us that this is important to a lot of people,” he said.

“There’s a lot of people that are very concerned about going out of their homes to go shopping because they have either a suppressed immune system or they’re elderly and they know they are at highest risk,” noted Penner, adding that it really speaks volumes to the stress people are feeling.

Penner said it was his wife who made the suggestion.

“She said we have to do something to help these people that are in this situation,” said Penner, who himself has grandparents that he is worried about in their 90’s....

March 17th

We're Hiring

Social st patricks day

Join Our Team

To Maintain Current Levels of Service, We're Urgently Hiring

Join the committed Meridian team, and help us serve the community in this time of need. Multiple positions are available, and part-time temporary workers are more than welcome to apply.

When you work at Meridian, you're surrounded with a family of people who truly care about one another. Our company culture is fun, flexible, challenging and rewarding...

March 16th

Letter to the Community

Coming Together as a Community

To Our Valued Customers

As a small local family-run company, we try our best to care for our community. After all, we’re a part of it–we don’t just work here, we live here. Right now, the needs of our loved community, including one another’s friends and neighbours, have changed due to recent health concerns and we want to do all we can to help.

We are resolute in our responsibility to keep people healthy across our business. You can be assured that our clean stores are now cleaner than ever. We know healthy customers are trusting and relying on Meridian staff to stay healthy, and our staff are hyper aware of personal hygiene and are remaining at home if they are unwell. Also, to prevent a possible financial burden, we’re committed to providing full pay & compensation to our staff members should they be required to self-quarantine for any reason.

Beginning March 17th, we’re dedicating the first hour of business, Tuesday to Thursday, to serving seniors and individuals with compromised immune systems. This will provide these customers a safe, less-stressful environment to do their shopping and we appreciate the community’s care and support.

Every day, our dedicated hard-working staff strive to keep shelves filled with the freshest products, to shorten service wait times, and to maintain our warm Meridian hospitality. Through it all, we’ll remain united in our mission to give people the best possible experience and we will continue to come together to try our utmost to deliver that very experience to you.

On behalf of all of us at Meridian, from our family to yours, we are grateful to you for being our customer. Whatever our future holds, we are here to serve you, and we care.



Hand signature

Josh Penner

March 16th

Store Hours

Special Store Hours

For Seniors and Individuals with Compromised Immune Systems

All Meridian locations are currently only open to seniors and individuals with compromised immune systems for the first hour of business every Monday - Friday.