Mystery Shopper Program

Our Mystery shopping program is important to us for three key reasons.

  1. Evaluate How We’re Doing

    • Our mystery shoppers help us measure the quality of our customer service and in-store shopping experience.
  2. Recognize Our People

    • Mystery shopper reports help us recognize our people for their efforts and reward them for outstanding customer service.
  3. Discover Ways to Improve

    • We want to do better. Feedback from mystery shopping reports help us to identify opportunities to improve our service and overall shopping experience

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Meridian choose who becomes a mystery shopper?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every mystery shopper application as we only conduct a handful of mystery shops per month, per location. Mystery shopper applicants are chosen based on the specified location’s need for additional mystery shoppers at that time.  

How do shoppers get assigned shops?

Once or twice a month we will send out an email listing the shops available, and shoppers will sign up. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours letting the shopper know if they have been assigned the shop, or if the shop has been assigned to another shopper.

How many assignments will I receive?

The number of assignments shoppers receive is determined by a variety of factors, including your availability, reliability, the number of shoppers in our current shopping pool and the quality of your feedback. 

How are shoppers paid?

Once we have received a shopper’s fully completed report form, we will issue a direct deposit for $20 directly into the shopper’s account within 15 business days. Please note: we do not withhold any taxes on your behalf. You will be responsible for reporting any income to revenue Canada. Shoppers are not reimbursed for purchases or travel expenses. 

Apply On-line

Thank you for your interest in the Meridian Meats & Seafood Mystery Shopping program!
The purpose of this application is to help us find a diverse group of shoppers to reflect our diverse communities.

Meridian Mystery Shopper Application Form

Mystery Shopper Application Form
It does not have to be at a Meridian store, it can be from anywhere.
It does not have to be at a Meridian store, it can be from anywhere.