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    Free Range Turkeys

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    Turkey Roasts

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    Whole Turducken

  • Turducken breast roast

    Turducken Roasts

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    Spiral Hams

The Center of your Holiday Feast

Free Range Turkeys

Once you’ve tried one of our Fresh, Free-Range Fraser Valley Turkeys, there’s just no going back!  Always moist, succulent and delicious, and worthy of the spotlight at the center of your festive feast – expect compliments! The key centre-piece of your Christmas -- or any holiday -- feast!


  • Raised ethically & locally in the Fraser Valley
  • Daily access to outdoor pastures
  • No medications or antibiotics
  • No steroids or added hormones

Price per pound is $4.99 and sizes range from


  • SMALL 12-14 lbs 
  • MEDIUM 15-19 lbs

Click Here to learn more about how our turkeys are raised


Free Run Turkeys

  • Raised locally indoors in well ventilated barns
  • Fed a vegetable grain diet
  • Raised without the use of growth hormones

Price per pound is $4.99 and sizes range from LARGE 20-22 lbs.


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Boneless Stuffed

Turkey Roasts

Perfect for smaller gatherings, our stuffed boneless Turkey Roasts are easy to cook, easy to carve, and packed full of delicious stuffing. Choose from the following options:


  • Stuffed Turkey Breast Roast (boneless turkey breast only), in the following sizes:
    • SMALL 2-3 lbs
    • LARGE 5.5-6 lbs
  • Stuffed Light & Dark Meat Roast (boneless turkey breast & thigh combination), in the following sizes:
    • LARGE 5.5-6 lbs
  • Stuffed Dark Meat Roast (boneless turkey thigh only), in the following size:
    • SMALL 1-1.5 lbs

Price per pound is $7.99 per pound.


Available with your choice of Cranberry or Garden Herb stuffing (also available without stuffing).


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Turkey > Chicken > Duck

Whole Turducken

We make our fresh, whole Turduckens with duck breasts stuffed inside a deboned chicken, stuffed inside a semi-boneless Free Range Turkey, with layers of seasoned stuffing in between.

Choose from our Rustic Cranberry stuffing or Garden Herb stuffing.


These Turduckens are $198 each and the approximate weight is 14-16 lbs.


PLEASE NOTE: all Turducken orders must be pre-paid in store.


Serves between 12-15 servings.


Whole Turducken orders must be placed no later than Wednesday, December 12th.


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Sides & Accessories

We've Got You Covered

Get everything you need for your holiday dinner in one place.

  • Garden herb stuffing

    Garden Herb Stuffing

  • Cranberry sauce

    Cranberry Sauce

  • Pumpkin pie sm

    Pumpkin Pie

  • Turkey rub sm

    Turkey Rub

  • Bacon sm


  • Sausage meat sm

    Sausage Meat


Turducken Breast Roasts

Similar to a traditional whole Turducken, our Turducken Breast Roasts are made with deboned chicken breast, and deboned duck breast, stuffed inside a boneless turkey breast with layers of seasoned stuffing in between.


Choose from our Cranberry stuffing, Garden Herb stuffing, or leave it unstuffed if you prefer!


Price per pound is $12.99 and sizes range from 4.5 – 6 lbs.


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Double Smoked

Bone-in Hams

Our traditional, Double Smoked Bone-in Hams can be reserved whole, by half or by quarter size:

  • WHOLE HAM 18-20 lbs 
  • HALF HAM 10-12 lbs
  • QUARTER HAM 5-7 lbs

The price per pound is $4.49.


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Honey Glazed

Spiral Hams

Our Spiral Sliced hams are pre-sliced around the bone for easy carving and come with a complimentary honey ham glaze. Sizes range from 7-8 lbs.


The price per pound is $5.49.


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We Do Special Orders

If you have a special request for your holiday feast, we can help! We have a number of options for special order items: from main courses such as Goose, Duck, Lamb or Pork Crown Roasts, and Steaks to specialty sides like Double-Smoked Bacon, Sausage, and Lobster tails.

Prices vary on each of these items, please contact your nearest location for special order pricing.