Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you sell locally raised Free Range Grass-Fed Beef?

Free Range-style cattle ranching is common husbandry practice in New Zealand, where the mild climate allows grass to grow year round. Although it is our preference to sell beef raised locally in Canada, to date we have not been able to source a consistent supply of fresh local free range grass-fed beef.

Do you sell any locally raised beef?

Yes. Our Rancher’s Choice beef is raised in BC and Alberta. This beef is premium quality, from grain-fed cattle.
Please know, we do sell conventionally raised grain-fed beef raised in BC

How does the beef get delivered to Meridian all the way from New Zealand?

Our beef is transported fresh, directly to us by way of refrigerated cargo.

Is Free Range Beef the same as Certified Organic Beef?

No. There are several key differences. Generally speaking, specifications for beef that is certified organic include:

  • Never receive antibiotics
  • Never receive added growth hormones.
  • Are fed only certified organic grain/corn and grasses. (ie: Non-GMO, no pesticides)

Specifications for our Free Range Grass-fed Beef include:

  • Never receive added growth hormones
  • Never fed grains. 100% grass diet.
  • Roam free on pasture for the duration of life. (This may or may not apply to certified organic beef – depending on the proprietary requirements of the company giving certification)

Are there GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in the cattle feed?”

The grain/corn fed to conventionally raised cattle and grass consumed by our free range cattle may contain GMO’s.

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