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Meridian Pop Shoppe Soda

Story time: At Meridian, we have been on a quest to bring a truly unique and delicious soda to our markets for years. We searched high and low, but kept hitting roadblocks to the unparalleled flavor and true uniqueness we were seeking. Finally, we stumbled upon a microbrewery that had a little more time on their hands and happened to be experts in creating one-of-a-kind flavors. They were able to craft soda that you have never tasted before. We believe you will love our sodas, they are truly unique and delicious, and we are thrilled to finally be able to offer them to you.

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Meridian Local Soda (355ml) for $3 each

Regular Price $3.99

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I absolutely LOVE the way you package the meat for delivery! Vacuum packed like that vs being wrapped in the paper like you do in store is incredible.
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Great to see the use of paper bags instead of plastic bags for holding fruits and vegetables.
Online Order Feedback
Produce selection was excellent quality.
Online Order Feedback
Your communication with the whole process from invite to delivery was very well done. Great job!
Online Order Feedback

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