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Local Bread, Multigrain



With the perfect combination of seeds and grains our multigrain pan loaf is the toast of toast. It’s also the toast of sandwiches but that didn’t sound as nice


Whole wheat flour • Water • Seed and grain mix (oat flakes, brown flax, rye flakes, red wheat flakes, millet, sunflower seeds) • Flour • Wheat gluten • Sugars (coconut palm sugar, barley & malt syrup) • Yeast • Sea salt • Roasted wheat malt flour • Cultured wheat flour • Tapioca flour • Wheat starch • Cultured wheat starch • Rowan berry fruit extract • Ascorbic acid • Citric acid • Tricalcium phosphate • Calcium sulfate • Enzymes (amylase, xylanase, glucose oxidase, lipase).