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Local Free Run Chicken, Whole Fryer

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Whole frying chickens are indeed a common sight in both butcher shops and larger grocery stores. With an array of brands and price points, you might wonder what sets them apart. The major differences often come down to rearing practices and processing techniques.

Our Meridian whole chickens are sourced from the Fraser Valley, a commitment that ensures freshness and optimal growing conditions. The way the chicken is processed post-slaughter greatly affects its quality. We use air-chilling, a method that lets the chicken retain more of its natural flavours compared to water-chilling, where chickens are immersed in saltwater to increase weight and impart flavour. This is a very common practice in the industry.

In our opinion, if a chicken is raised properly, these artificial flavour enhancements are unnecessary. Hence, we air-chill our chickens, maintaining their authentic texture and flavor. If you've never tried one of our whole chickens, you're in for a treat—they offer a truly genuine chicken experience.