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Local House Seasoning


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You know, the story behind our Meridian House Seasoning is a pretty interesting one. It all started when this guy approached us and said he was going to create the best spice and seasoning company around. So, we challenged him to create something special- We wanted the best Montreal Steak Spice on available. The spice master accepted the challenge, and set to work carefully selecting the freshest and most aromatic spices available. He spent countless hours experimenting with different ratios and combinations, determined to craft a seasoning that would truly make any protein shine. And let me tell you, he really delivered! Our Meridian House Seasoning is not your average seasoning, it really pops with flavour! It's perfect for all kinds of proteins, whether you're grilling, baking, or pan frying. This same guy now makes many of our seasonings and helps with our in house marinades as well.