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Organic Instant Oatmeal, Variety Pack



We know you share our love for an oat-standing bowl of organic oatmeal, and with individual sachets you can spoon up a hearty, healthy breakfast wherever you are.


Ingredients: Apple Cinnamon: Whole grain rolled oats* Cane sugar*, Dried apple*, Sea salt, Apple flavour* *Organic. Contains: Oats. May Contain: Milk, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy. Multigrain Raisin: Whole grain rolled oats*, Wheat flakes*, Cane Sugar*, Raisins* (Coated with sunflower oil*). Cinnamon* Sea Salt. *Organic. Contains: Wheat, Oats. May Contain: Milk, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Soy Flax Plus: Whole grain rolled oats*, Cane Sugar*, Flax Seeds*, Sea Salt. *Organic, Contains: Oats, May Contains: Milk, Tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy Maple Nut: Whole grain rolled oats*, Sugars*(Cane sugar*, Maple sugar*) Pecans*, Sea salt, Maple Flavour* *Organic, Cintains: Pecans, Oats. May Contain: Milk, Other tree nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Soy.