Free Range, Fresh Turkeys

Fraser Valley

Fresh, Local, Free Range Turkeys

Once you’ve tried one of our Free-Range Turkeys, there’s just no going back! Always moist, succulent and delicious, and worthy of the spotlight at the center of your festive feast – expect compliments!

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Besides taste and quality, our turkeys are ethically raised, locally right here in the Fraser Valley.  Trevor and Donna Allen have been long-time family friends, and raise our turkeys on their farm in Chilliwack.  Skye-Hi Farms is not your typical farm operation by any stretch.  Trevor’s old-fashioned farming style gives his flocks freedom to roam outdoors on open pasture the way nature intended. No Medications.  No Antibiotics.  And No Steroids or added Hormones*.  All this adds up to the best turkeys available here in the lower mainland and beyond. Try one yourself to know!

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Trev delivers our turkeys to each of our stores himself, ensuring they are as fresh as possible (Yes, he’s the farmer and the delivery driver as well!). Though we can’t guarantee exact sizing when you place an order, (we are subject to what Mother Nature provides) we always do our best to provide you with a turkey that’s as close as possible to your size request.

*Canadian Govt. regulations prohibit the use of growth hormones in raising poultry