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Chocolate Croissants (Pain au chocolat) (Frozen)

6 pack


No Pain no Gain! Owner/Head Baker Natalie & her team hand-craft these sweet Parisian treats honoring age old traditional French methods. Composed of layer upon layer of hand-folded delicate pastry and imported butter with a rich chocolate core. Plan ahead and have these ready to pop into your oven first thing in the AM for a perfect breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack.

Baking Instructions:

Lay frozen items 3" apart on parchment lined tray. Leave at room temperature for 12-15hrs, or until doubled in size. Gently apply egg wash - one egg whisked with a splash of milk, cream or water. Bake in preheated 350F oven, 20-25 minutes or until lightly golden.



Ingredients: flour, butter, water, milk, chocolate, sugar, eggs, yeast, honey, salt. Allergens: Wheat, Egg, Dairy. Made in a facility that processes nuts.